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Hello and welcome to DiceDadsTM, a Board Game Podcast for Gamers who are also Parents, Parents who are also Gamers, Gamers who have Parents who are Gamers, Gamers who like playing with people who are Parents, and Pineapples who one day hope to be Parents and/or Gamers.  The podcast is a production of Salamander Games, an independent board and card game publisher.


Aug 14, 2022

The Dads discuss several games they have gotten to the table recently, including Marvel Dice Throne, Return to Dark Tower, Battleship Classic, and others.  

Mar 21, 2022

The Dads have returned from their long dormancy (thanks Pandemic) and have managed to get their act together enough to actually see the light and start playing games enough to have something to talk about.  
We have come back from our time away with lots of new ideas for show content and are excited to revamp things and...